LivingWith App Your Companion for Health Management

Living with cancer brings many challenges. This is why the LivingWith app is vital for health management. It offers a simple way to manage daily life and improves conversations between patients and doctors.

The app was created with the help of Lung Cancer Nursing UK and Mesothelioma UK. It aims to help and support patients on their health journey. By tracking their health, users feel in control and empowered. This can lead to better teamwork with their medical teams.

LivingWith is not just a tool; it’s a partner for those facing cancer. It helps them walk the path to better health more confidently.

Empowering Patients with Cancer Through the LivingWith App

The LivingWith app stands at the center of our approach to fighting cancer. It meets the needs and listens to the experiences of those battling the illness. Developed with insights from healthcare pros and advocacy groups, we aimed to craft an essential tool. The LivingWith app is a testament to our dedication in aiding those on the difficult journey of cancer treatment and recovery.

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Partnering with Lung Cancer Nursing UK and Mesothelioma UK

We understand the complexities of lung cancers and mesothelioma very well. That’s why we’ve joined forces with Lung Cancer Nursing UK and Mesothelioma UK. With their knowledge, the LivingWith app has become a rich resource haven for patients. It stands by you, whether you’ve just been diagnosed or are far along in treatment, ensuring your needs are met.

The Importance of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)

Patient-Reported Outcome Measures, or PROMs, guide the functionality of our LivingWith app. These measures gather vital data from the patient’s viewpoint. By valuing the patient’s voice in their treatment, the app helps create a more personalized care strategy. It aims to be the best breast cancer app by letting patient experiences shape their treatment, a core principle of the LivingWith app.

Patient & Clinician Testimonials: A Shared Journey to Better Care

Our journey is enriched by stories from both patients and clinicians. Their tales merge, showcasing a collective effort towards improved cancer care. These real-life experiences underline the effectiveness of the LivingWith app. They show how it acts as a true companion, creating a strong community united in the cancer fight.

LivingWith App: Integrative Features for Comprehensive Health Management

The LivingWith app is more than a resource. It’s vital for those asking, “what is the app for cancer tracking?” It offers a personalized experience. Patients can monitor their health and take control. Features like “To Do” lists and reminders make managing cancer care easier.

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The LivingWith app, alongside tools like My Breast Cancer Coach app, helps manage cancer treatment. It has a simple interface to set reminders and track appointments. This reduces stress and helps patients focus on recovery.

The app also integrates with a patient’s life in unique ways. It offers educational content and helps build support networks. This provides a wealth of resources for patients asking, “what is the app for cancer tracking?”

The app evolves by listening to the cancer community. It aims to be more than a tracking tool. It’s a holistic portal that supports, educates, and empowers patients. This blend of technology and empathy marks a new era in patient-centered care.


Dealing with cancer is tough. The LivingWith app helps those facing this journey. It offers tools to help manage health tasks every day.

It’s a helpful partner created with input from Lung Cancer Nursing UK and Mesothelioma UK. These collaborations have shaped an app that truly understands what cancer patients need. It aims to offer hope, education, and power to its users.

The LivingWith app is more than just technology. It’s a companion for those with cancer. It aims to give a sense of control and support during hard times. This app shows how technology can change cancer care for the better.

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